Monday, December 18, 2017

Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 4!

I’m singing my inner Mamas & Papas!

“Monday, Monday – So good to me……” 

Ahhh, the sounds of my youth!

I’m extremely tickled to be poking around the hashtags on instagram and seeing what you have been up to!  Check these out: 

#onringolakequilt and #quiltvillemystery both have over 1,000 links each!

For those posting to instagram please remember that you also need to post the link to this post in your text - that hash tags are not enough to get people here to the link-up.

While #onringolakequilt is just for this project, #quiltvillemystery is a tag I use for ALL of our mysteries so it will include whichever mystery you are working on, no matter when you are working on it.

If you are using any other variation other than these two tags, it’s likely we won’t find you.  Remember to leave the year OFF of your tag as this mystery crosses the bridge between two years.  If you are using  2017 or 2018 it’s likely folks won’t find you.

For those who don’t instagram, you can still click the l inks above and see what our busy instagram is up to!

There has been some questioning about our Part 4 units and how to measure them.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

December Quilty Box Gift-Away!

Oh my goodness, does this month’s Quilty Box have something wonderful for you!

I opened the box just before heading to the cabin, snapping photos quickly with the intent of writing this post while in Virginia.

It never dawned on me as I told myself that this would be great for SUNDAY – that I should have done it yesterday, Saturday – because Saturday is known to cat lovers globally as CATURDAY!

Okay, I’m a bit old, worn out and slow!

But then, every day in my house is Caturday, ask Emmy Lou!

I am also tickled that Quilty Box is also offering the Quilty Box Mini (more details to follow) so I can choose not just one winner, but TWO each month.  Thank you, Quilty Box!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

From Cold and Wintery Virginia!

I stood on the end of the front porch – the bit that is over the garage, looking down at the hairpin turn of the laneway –the very steep part that I love to curse at when hiking up.

11% grade might not seem like much by numbers, but it is steep enough that most cars – unless they have all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive – will find themselves spinning wheels in an effort to gain purchase and make it up this last bit of hill before reaching the cabin.

It’s beautiful in winter.

When we first saw the place – just a year ago – the snow was already gone.

And though temps have gotten above the freezing mark in the past week, what is left here on the mountain side are simply places “where the sun don’t shine” and I love the iced ginger cookie appearance of the landscape.  There isn’t a lot of snow, but it’s enough to feel festive!

And enough to keep me inside and stitching.  I have no desire to hike a snow-covered 11% grade of a cabin road.

Friday, December 15, 2017

On Ringo Lake, Part 4!

Click HERE for Printer-Friendly version!

Happy December 15th!

Hanukkah is in full swing, Christmas is 10 days away – and there are only 2 weeks left in 2017.

Are you feeling the pressure?

Breathe!  Remember that we are the ones that let stress in.

Perhaps just a bit of sewing time working up a few of these units will allow you to release your shoulders from hanging up around your ears and your thoughts to settle as you cut a bit, sew a bit, press a bit!

Light a fragrant candle.

Throw something easy and yummy in the crock pot to cook all day.

Let's see if we can tackle just a bit of this next unit:

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Doggies, Cutting Dies and Play Time!

Sadie and I got out for her first “real” walk post surgery for Mast Cell tumors yesterday.

It was a slow walk around the neighborhood with loads of “sniffing around” time.

Don’t you sometimes wonder what is going through a dog’s head as they sniff and sniff and sniff – whatever holds their interest, whatever could it be?  Sometimes I think it must be “text messages” from other dogs who have come by previously, and she is catching up on all of the news that happened while she was confined at home.

The t-shirt thing is working well at keeping her from getting at her side stitches, except for the hind-quarters area.

We can’t put a cone on her because of the incision on her neck. And we caught her trying to lick the stitches on her hind leg last evening.  I told Jeff that we could get a pair of “tighty-whities” and put them on her with her tail out of the fly.  He laughed and said “Now she’ll really be humiliated, what is she supposed to be, Captain Underpants?!”  I busted out laughing too.  Poor Sadie.  Right now we’ve taped gauze over the wound, whatever it takes, she needs to leave her stitches alone.

We were joined on our walk by neighbor dog Piper, who was especially gentle with Sadie.  It’s as if they KNOW something is not quite right.

Together we walked and sniffed our way over to our next door neighbor Chip’s house:

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stitchin’ With Sadie Jane

I’m making progress on Jason’s hexie quilt.

I have quilted the center star, outlined by the row of white hexies..and am now up to the diamonds surrounding the star.

This quilt is being quilted from the center out.  It’s a lot of quilt wrangling as the sides of each hexie are only 3/4’’ and I can fit about 5 stitches per side an approximate 1/4’’ in from each edge.

I’m really enjoying stitching to some Amazon Prime, and am discovering series that I didn’t know about before.  Night before last I settled in and watched the whole mini-series of Doctor Thorne hosted by Julian Fellowes, the genius who brought us Downton Abbey.

Last night I started in on Cranford – I love Judy Dench!  This one started about 10 years ago, why I never heard of it I’ll never know.  It’s perfect for stitching to if you like period drama, and I do. Cranford has 2 seasons.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Quilted Memories from Oregon!

Marley and her G.G. are sharing the big red heart quilt that Marley made.

It was the highlight of our Show & Share in Roseburg, Oregon – the last day of my 2017 teaching year.

Marley is as proud as she could possibly be, and with every right to!  Fabulous quilt.  Fabulous team!

When I think of all the memories that are being made between grandmother and granddaughter my heart just sings.

And G.G. is the perfect person to teach her -

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 3!

Monday, December 11th!

December is flying.

I hope that as we swing deeper into the holiday hubbub you are able to carve out a few minutes each day for yourself – even if you are just pressing and cutting in anticipation of sewing AFTER January arrives and things go back to normal.

10 minutes here.

15 minutes there.

It all adds up to a whole lot of progress if you can grab those small moments of time in between other things and just do what you can do.

How are you coming along with Part 3?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Bit of Home Stitchin’!

Eventually – even though the task seems impossible – if we keep chipping away at it, we get there!

One. Hexie. At. A. Time!

I finished the second long side border, including the “turn-the-corner” units on my last flight.  HOORAY!

Someone asked how long I’ve been stitching the borders.  I can’t remember. Honestly I can’t.  Has it been a year yet?

There are 25 rosettes in the length not including the units that turn the corner, the red spacer hexies or the row of neutrals I am stitching above the rosettes.  The rosettes make up 175 of the hexies in the border. Let’s just say it is A LOT.

And in general, I never count pieces –or the time it takes me to stitch something because let’s face it – when we are doing something we love, time stands still.  And this was all sewn while sitting on planes or in hotel rooms or airports when no other stitching could happen and I just wanted to occupy my hands.

It’s getting there!